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The Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Program is represented and governed by two separate committees

  1. The Steering Committee is a committee of senior land managers and agency and non government organisations interested in Ecosystem Restoration. They meet twice a year to approve the budgets, priorities, direction and policies.

  2. The Operations Committee is the program managers from agencies, land trusts, forest licensees and non government organisations. They develop annual plans, site specific projects and policies and recommend budgets and priorities to the Steering Committee.

  3. Both Committees are committed to the following:



A restored Trench Landscape functioning at its ecological potential and thereby supporting:

- The native and historical and condition matrix of trees plants and animals

- A sustainable forage resource for wild and domestic grazing ungulates and

- The social economic and cultural needs of stakeholders as they relate to the open range and open forests of the Trench



The Mission:

- Progressively restore the designated 118,500 hectares of the Trench to an ecologically appropriate fire maintenance condition by 2030, in accordance with tree stocking standards for open range and open forest sites.

- Maintain the restored 118,500 hectares in an open range or open forest condition in perpetuity.

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