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Grazing Workshop march 19 cranbrook

Learn more about how to implement rotational grazing systems on your ranch, upcoming on-farm demonstrations and resources to put concepts and infrastructure into practice, and the On-Farm Climate Action Fund for Grazing (OFCAF). This workshop will include presentations from BC Forage Council Grazing Mentors on the principles of Advanced Grazing Systems, how to make a grazing management plan, and tangible examples on how to introduce these concepts into an existing operation.

BC Grazing Mentors:

King Campbell (P.Ag.) - Advanced Grazing and Pasture Management

Jim Forbes (P.Ag.) - Grazing & Livestock Nutrition

Greg Tegart (P.Ag.) - Managing Forage for Hay and Grazing

This workshop is supported by the BC Forage Council and the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association, the provincial and national delivery organizations for the rotational grazing stream of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's On-Farm Climate Action Fund.

Register here.



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