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New Large Ecosystem Restoration project in the Steeples area


March 12th, 2024


The Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society is pleased to announce a new large, multi-year project in the Steeples area just north of the community of Bull River. The goal of this new project is to restore/enhance key grassland, forest and wetland ecosystems located within the Peckham’s Range Unit. Restoration activities proposed for this project are based on the highest priority ranking enhancement matrix from the Peckham’s Restoration Plan.


Project Goal 1: enhance/refurbish approximately 163 ha of high valued winter range grasslands at Horseshoe and Little Shoe pastures.  


Project Goal 2:  improve the health and function at the Tamarack wetland.


Project Goal 3: enhance approximately 60+ ha of critical wintering habitat for Bighorn sheep by manually thinning dense ingrowth forests.


We would like to thank our partners, the Ministry of Forests Range Branch, the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship and the local range tenure holders. In addition, we would like to thank Columbia Basin Trust for supporting this important project through their Ecosystem Enhancement Program.  



If you have any comments about the library or the Ecosystem Restoration program, Please Contact


                              Marc Trudeau, Coordinator

                              Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society

A member of the Ecosystem Restoration Program

                              Phone: 250-427-1138








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