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Posting the 2022-2023 Annual Plan for Ecosystem Restoration projects in the Rocky Mountain District

February 16th, 2022

The Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society has just finished the review and mapping of ten Ecosystem Restoration projects that it will be delivering in the fiscal ear 2022-2023. All projects are in the Rocky Mountain Trench. All involve some level of thinning and invasive plant management. nOte that two prescribed burns are proposed for spring 2022.

The list of projects with a down loadable map can be seen at our website (Maps | Rocky Mountain Trench Society (


The public is invited to contact the Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Program, as noted below, to discuss the use of fire as a management tool and other aspects of the ecosystem restoration program. Please Contact

Marc Trudeau, Coordinator

Rocky Mountain Trench

Ecosystem Restoration Program

Phone: 250-427-1138



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